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The Marchionne Method

Dr. Sarah Marchionne's philosophy is deeply rooted in the interdependent relationship of the mind and body, as our thoughts influence the way we physically feel.  Our habits, routines and regular thought patterns influence our physical, mental and emotional well being. 


At Tula, each individualized, multidimensional movement therapy promises to reduce pain and foster ease within the physical body.  This approach addresses the numerous aspects of recovery when healing from acute or chronic injury including: stress, sleep, daily habits, routines, nutrition, thought patterns and emotions. 


Sarah centers each plan around client goals, tailored to incorporate unique lifestyles and specific needs. Education is a key tenet to helping clients learn how to develop healthy habits towards balancing their lives. Tula empowers clients to maintain and continue progressing towards physical and mental well being by understanding their root causes of pain & injury. 


Sarah’s diverse background in physical therapy, psychology, yoga, meditation, energy work and integrative coaching, ensures her clients have the needed tools to maintain their progress and provides her patients effective and integrated treatment methods.


Our Vision

Tula is defined as “balance” in Sanskrit.  


Our mission is to restore balance within your body and mind allowing for greater ease and resiliency throughout your day.  We help you reduce pain, return to your favorite activities and rediscover your desire to engage in all aspects of your life.  


At Tula, we assess each client holistically creating a custom plan to help recover from chronic and acute injuries.  We ensure to address any developed habits and routines surrounding pain and injury that can subsequently drain energy levels and distract us from living a fulfilling and authentic life.  


This proprietary approach explores the physical, emotional and mental aspects of each client’s recovery fostering a truly comprehensive, integrative treatment model.

Our proprietary approach creates a lasting difference. We incorporate:

Eastern and Western philosophies

Ancient practices with modern research

The wellness you've been seeking is within your reach.
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