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physical therapy

designed to support
your optimal balance

We assist in your healing journey - cultivating resilience in your body while creating balance in your life. 
You can expect to feel the following benefits:

reduction in physical pain

enhanced postoperative recovery

balance of mobility and stability within the body

decreased likelihood of 


restoration of functional movement patterns

increased energy and deepened sleep

At Tula, our mission is to restore balance within your body and mind allowing for greater ease and resiliency throughout your day.  We help you reduce pain, return to your favorite activities and rediscover your desire to fully engage in all aspects of your life.  

become friends
with your body.

Healing is within your reach
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I have been to over 50 physical therapists and Sarah is the only one I have had success with. She understands that the mind must heal along with the body and that must pay attention to both. She has excellent bedside manner and techniques which is hard to fine!


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